Neapolitan Ice Cream
that's okay
Posted on Wednesday, July 5, 2017 12:33 PM with 0 cream.s
i'm afraid what will i become
to be always "stuck" in the same cycle
i'm not happy, for real
i'm sad for doing the things my heart doesn't desire
but that's okay
it's over anyway

hate me
Posted on 12:30 PM with 0 cream.s
you could boast;
"i've given my all to her"
"she's so mad she left me"

but you've taken my all from me too

if you
Posted on 12:28 PM with 0 cream.s
if you hate me, that's okay
but i need to leave
because what we've done is so fcking hurt me

it's whatever, really
that you turn the reality
to make mw as the one who made it

well, i don't care
it's my vault in the end, isn't it?
i didn't say "no" for all these days anyway

-when in fact i'm dying for wanting us to stop-